Friday, November 6, 2015

A new look for our top-selling book about Google Blogger!

Google Blogger For Small Businesses In 30 Minutes new cover
Last month, publisher i30 Media refreshed its top-selling Blogger for Dummies alternative. The new cover for Google Blogger For Small Businesses In 30 Minutes now features a fresh, more modern design (see inset photo). The contents can help all kinds of small businesses -- from local shops and professional services firms to Internet entrepreneurs and anyone with a cool idea -- hang their virtual shingle on the Web for everyone to see!

Here's what readers have to say about the book:
"I found this e-book while searching for information on how to use Blogger as a Website. Very grateful the search engine gods delivered a link to Google Blogger For Small Businesses in 30 Minutes. This e-book tells you everything you need to know (and then some) to personalize and configure Blogger as a small business website. It is delivered in a friendly, humorous, and personable manner. I felt as though Ian was sitting next to me telling me what to do."

"This tiny book teaches you a lot quickly. The book cuts to the chase - you get all the info you need to use Blogger to create a nice, professional website."

"Very concise and helpful little book for Google Blogger. I feel as though I'm all set for setting up my blogs for being an author and in the future once I'm a qualified life coach. The author was clear and easy to understand, and the photos and screenshots were helpful too."

"A well-written book that allows the reader to take advantage of Google Blogger (there are few books of this good technology). The book uses scenarios and practical examples that lead the reader to understand why certain aspects of the technology are good for his use.

To purchase the book in paperback form, visit Amazon. Ebook versions are available for the Kindle, Apple devices, and other platforms, as well as a PDF. 

Note: Google Blogger For Small Businesses In 30 Minutes is an IN 30 MINUTES® guide. It is not associated with Blogger for Dummies or any other book series. 

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