What's Inside?

Google Blogger For Small Businesses In 30 Minutes (formerly The $10 Small Business Website In 30 Minutes) contains six chapters and nearly 100 images that show how to create a small business website. Here are the contents:

Chapter 1: What Type Of Small Business Website Should You Build? 
  • The Five-Minute Website Marketing Framework 
  • Three Website Types 
    • Basic Site (Single Page)
    • Multipage Site
    • Small Business Blog
    • Sidebars
Chapter 2: Creating A Basic Small Business Site And Registering A Domain
  • Signing Up For Google
  • Creating Your First Site
  • Create A New Blog
  • Customizing The Site’s Appearance
    • Changing The Template
    • Choosing Fonts
    • Removing Unwanted Sidebar Elements
    • Widening The Site
  • Creating Homepage Content
    • The Homepage Blog Post
    • Formatting The Homepage
    • Editing Text
    • How To Add A Photo
  • More Template Edits
    • Changing Background Colors And Fonts
    • Getting Rid Of The Day/Date Box
    • Dealing With Excess White Space
    • Cleaning Up The Bottom Of The Page
  • Small Business Sites Go Mobile
  • Custom Domains
    • Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Business
Chapter 3: Multipage Static Sites
  • Why Make A Multipage Site?
  • Pages Vs. Posts
  • Case Study: Main Street Treats
  • Creating A Product Page
  • Adding More Pages
    • Embedding Maps
    • Creating A Page That Links To Twitter
Chapter 4: Sidebars
  • Adding Sidebars
    • Adjusting Sidebar Widths
  • Adding A Links Widget
  • Adding A Photo Widget
  • Adding A Text Widget
Chapter 5: Small Business Blogs
  • Is Blogging Right For You?
  • Creating A Blog Post
    • How Many Words?
    • Blogging Tips
  • Adding Photos And Videos
  • Where New Posts Appear
  • Comments: Pros And Cons
Chapter 6: Sample Small Business Sites
  • Simple Blue
  • Simple Orange
  • Simple Black
  • Simple Green Header
  • Simple White
  • Awesome Grey
  • Awesome Orange
  • Awesome Arty
  • Watermark Grass
  • Watermark Candy Stripe
  • Ethereal Blue

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